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Article: A Serious Locavore
Published by Sweet Waters Adventure
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North Oregon Coast Winter Steelhead.
Photo highlights from the 2012-13 Season.
Here are a few of our favorites images from a great Winter steelhead season.
Special thanks to all of our customers for creating some epic memories.
  • Good times on a cold day


    Keith with a stellar late January specimen

    Keith with a stellar buck steelhead
  • April Steelheading


    Rachel works a run on the Clackamas during a mid-April day

    Rachel casting a fly rod from a raft
  • Perfection in an 8 lb. package


    A February hatchery fish from the North Oregon Coast

    closeup of a hatchery steelhead
  • Come get some!


    A big push of natives in late January brought in some epic chrome

    big wild hen steelhead
  • Helen Carvallo says, now that's fresh!



    releasing a bright steelhead
  • North Oregon Coast Love


    Pulling hard in the roaring canyon water

    angler with bent fishing rod and waterfall background
  • Making the low morning light a little brighter


    Bob boated this beauty as part of a steelhead double hookup

    nice chrome oregon coast steelhead
  • Shining like a new dime


    Gerrit prepares to release some April Nestucca chrome

    releasing a steelhead with reflection
  • First steelhead on a fly


    March and April on the Nestucca was pretty darn good, with big fish running amuck

  • Hooked up in the flats


    Chasing steelhead always warms up those cold Winter days

    hooked up to a steelhead in a long flat

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