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Article: A Serious Locavore
Published by Sweet Waters Adventure
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Fall Chinook and Sea-Run Cutthroats
Oregon Coast Early Fall 2011 Grand Slam.
Chinook, Coho, Steelhead and Sea-run Cutthroat in the same day!
Landing all four local Oregon Coast anadromous species in the same day is quite a thrill for angler and guide alike.
We were lucky enough to guide to three of them throughout the month of October.
On days we didn't get all four species, we almost always landed a coastal triple.
This Fall, the Oregon Coast was as good as it gets!
  • Hen Fall Chinook


    Jason with a mid twenties Nestucca Fall Chinook

    Hen Fall Chinook
  • 18lb Oregon Coast Coho


    A pig buck Coho. The coastal coho averaged close to 15lbs this year, with lots of fish in the upper teens and low twenties

    18lb Coho
  • Oregon Coast Coho Salmon


    Owen with a really nice Oregon Coast buck coho.

    Oregon Coho Salmon
  • Siletz Tidewater Cutthroat


    An early season tidewater sea-run cutthroat or blueback.

    Tidewater Cutthroat
  • Coastal Summer Steelhead


    Chris shows off his 2nd Summer steelhead of the day.

    Coastal Summer Steelhead
  • Searun Cutthroat


    A fat sea-run 18 inch cutthroat taken on a spruce.

    Searun Cutthroat
  • Oregon Silver Salmon


    A stellar 18 lb. hen coho or silver salmon. Taken a couple days after the first significant October rain.

    Oregon Silver Salmon
  • Nestucca Chrome Fall Chinook


    Jim with a top of tidewater chrome buck chinook

    Chrome Fall Chinook
  • Nestucca Summer Steelhead


    A hot little Nestucca River Summer Steelhead

    Nestucca Summer Steelhead
  • Ally Shrimp Cutthroat


    A nicely colored sea-run taken on an Ally Shrimp

    Ally Shrimp Cutthroat

We are now booking 2011/2012 Winter Steelhead on the Oregon Coast or Sandy River, give us a call at 503-515-3533 or email us!