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Small Stream Outfitters is Western Oregon's premier fly fishing guide service for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout. Guiding fly anglers since 1997, we focus on the Oregon Coast, Willamette Valley and Portland area streams including the Siletz, Sandy, Clackamas, McKenzie and Nestucca. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides can help put you some amazing fish, like sea-run cutthroat trout, wild steelhead and huge coastal chinook all on a fly rod!

From beginning to expert anglers alike, we have the perfect fly fishing trip to match your needs, desires, skill level and geographic location. We provide all tackle including flies so you don't have to think about it. We also serve great streamside sack lunches and love to create tremendous shore lunches upon angler request. Visit our rates and bookings page for more information!

Whatever the time of year, there are always great angling opportunites on the rivers we guide. Let us help show you the Oregon Fly Angling Experience!

Recent Posts

Big Water, Big Fish

October 31st, 2014

This Fall has been a tale of two distinctly different seasons. During all of September and the first half of October, the weather was warm and dry. Rivers were low, froggy and filled with a Summer’s worth of slimy algae.

With the rivers low during the early Fall, salmon began to stack up in tidewater and provided some good early season estuary action. We moved back and forth between the tidewater salmon fishery and the upriver sea-run cutthroat fishery. Although rivers were low, that didn’t stop the cutthroats from moving up into the river. They provided fantastic streamer action as usual and filled the void with gumption, while we waited for rain.

When the rains finally arrived in Mid-October, they came with intent and persistence. We have had a solid storm every two to three days for the past couple weeks and have been forced to fish high, Winter type conditions. Most of the leaves and Summer debris have been flushed out to sea. Rivers are beginning to transition from Fall tannic tea-stained water color to a deep green. We’ve had to pick our days carefully the past couple weeks, with rivers riding the edge of fishable vs. blown out. When we have caught it on the drop, fishing has been good for Coho and Chinook. The size of this year’s run is quite impressive. As the coastal systems continue to bounce up and down, we will continue to choose our days wisely and to fish Salmon throughout November before transitioning to hatchery Winter steelhead in early December. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this year’s Winter steelhead run follows the wake left behind by the massive Fall salmon run and provides exceptional action throughout the Winter. Time will tell.

We are currently booking Winter steelhead. December 2014 – April 2015. To inquire about a guided trip call 503.515.3533 or email us.

Tight lines,
Small Stream Outfitters

oregon coast fall chinook
Chris with a beautiful North Oregon Coast Fall chinook

big coho salmon
A mint bright native coho from late September. One part of our first Fall grand slam

fall chinook
Rainy day hen chinook

Living the Good Life

July 10th, 2014

Oregon Summers are a time of plenty. During the months when the sun shines warm, Oregonians enjoy salmon, steelhead, trout and other wonderful seafood from the Oregon Coast, along with gorgeous fruits, berries and produce from the Valley. The growing season in the Willamette Valley and Summertime on the Oregon Coast produce a bountiful harvest second to none. Those of us at Small Stream Outfitters are Oregon bred and raised to celebrate all that this wonderful land has to offer. My family and I strive to live a sustainable lifestyle with the land while enjoying all the wonderful things this area brings to us. It is a treasure to enjoy and protect for future generations.

We were recently honored to have an story published in a fly fishing travel magazine about who we are, what we do and why we do it. Thanks to Martha Solomon, Frank Barnett and Sweetwatersadventure.com for putting it all together.

You can download the complete article from our website or view the entire magazine at http://www.sweetwatersadventure.com/2014-travel-log/

a serious locovore, living the good life
Cover excerpt from A Serious Locovore, Living the Good life.

steelhead and pinot noir
Steelhead and Pinot. Just two more things to love about Oregon.

Summer Chrome

June 26th, 2014

Howdy Anglers,

After some time off the water in late April and May to recover from Winter Steelheading and do some farming, we’re back at it. We are currently chasing Spring Chinook, Summer Steelhead and trout in the Willamette Valley and Oregon Coast. Our Summer program includes rivers like the Clackamas, McKenzie, Trask and Nestucca.

Fishing has been good throughout June, especially if you’re able to catch the river after a warm, June rain. Summer steelhead are making a strong late June showing in both the Clackamas and Nestucca after a slower early season.

We are currently booking our late Summer and Fall fisheries. Species include; Sea-Run Cutthroat, Summer Steelhead, Fall Chinook and Fall Coho. Call 503.515.3533 or email us to book a trip.

clackamas river summer steelhead
Clackamas river summer steelhead. Get jiggy with it.

bob with a nice nestucca river springer
Bob with a nice Nestucca river spring Chinook

Winter Steelhead Season Recap

March 28th, 2014

As March fades into April and rivers are blown out once again, it’s a good time for a brief season recap and to preview the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

To recap, in case anyone missed it… February and March were wet. Really wet. Coastal rivers were blown out as many days as they were in shape. We picked our days carefully and fished in between storms. When we got out, fishing was quite good. Plenty of double-digit hookup days and lots of high single digits. Rivers like the Nestucca, Trask and N.F. Nehalem all fished well for us, with no clear favorite emerging by the end of the season. We found similar numbers of fish in all the North Oregon Coast drainages. As the rivers come back into shape over the next few days, we’ll run a few more late season Winter steelhead trips and then hang up the Winter gear and begin thinking about warmer weather.

For those anglers interested in our Spring and Summer programs, we will be offering fishing for trout (cutthroats and rainbows) on the Coast and in the Willamette Valley. We will also be fishing Summer steelhead on the Clackamas, Nestucca and Wilson rivers. And for those anglers interested in the biggest of all warm weather prizes, we’ll be chasing Spring Chinook on the Nestucca, Trask and Sandy rivers.

If you’re interested in chasing any of these fish, let us know. We have some open slots May-July. Call 503.515.3533 or email us.

shannon with a big wild steelhead from the nestucca river
Shannon shows off her prize. A beautiful, Wild, late March steelhead from the Nestucca river.

image of a cutthroat eating a steelhead smolt
A steelhead eating cutthroat, simply incredible. We caught this cutthroat on an egg pattern while he was trying to digest a steelhead smolt about half his size. Now that’s aggressive! One of many reasons to love sea-run cutthroats.

dave displays a nice trask river hen steelhead
Dave with a lovely mid-March Trask river native. The last of fourteen the brothers H. hooked that day.

Steelhead and Rainbows

February 5th, 2014

Could it be February already? What happened to December and January for that matter? Times flies when you’re fishing steelhead. As we near the middle of our rapidly moving Oregon Coast Winter Steelhead season, it’s time we pause for a brief reflection on Steelhead and Rainbows.

The Winter season thus far, has been marked by unusually dry weather. A couple of big storms have helped to keep some water in the rivers, but significant weather systems have been few and far between. Dry Winter weather lends itself to hit and miss fishing. We certainly witnessed that. Luckily, we’ve had more hits than misses and overall fishing has been good.

Hatchery fish numbers picked up significantly through out January after a slow start in December. Those early hatchery runs are now beginning to taper off and we’re seeing more native fish each day, as it should be this time of year. We had a great time chasing hatchery brats and it’s always nice to send customers home with some chrome fillets, but now we’re ready for the big boys to show. As always, we fish with the intent that we will land that 20+ pound fish. Will this year be the year?

If you’re interested in chasing these big wild steelhead, let us know. We have a couple openings left in March and early April. Call 503.515.3533 or email us.

double rainbow in coast estuary
This scene awaited us at the boat ramp in early February. Not a bad way to finish out a double digit day.

falling in the river with fish on
In an effort to hop out of the boat and chase down his bolting steelhead (urged on by yours truly), “Joe” found himself airborne and then upside down while Steelie continued downstream. The peanut gallery nearly fell out of the boat laughing, but recovered enough to net said fish and check for serious injuries. Thankfully, no broken bones… play on!

ryan fighting a steelhead
Ryan hooked up to a nice steelhead on an emerald green water day. Thanks to Ryan and Randy for the great pics!