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    Winter (December 1 - March 31)     Spring (April 1 - June 30)

Oregon Winters are dedicated to the chasing of the mighty Winter steelhead in rivers throughout the west side of the state. Run timing varies slightly from river to river, but as a general rule the hatchery run begins to show around Thanksgiving and fishes well throughout December and January. Native runs begin to enter river systems in Mid-Late January and peak in early March, although fishable numbers can be found in certain streams through mid-April. Frequent rain storms can dictate fishable days throughout the Winter months. When water conditions are right, there are certain to be plenty of bity steelhead present, but it can be a waiting game. River conditions generally stabilize throughout the season, creating the best fly fishing conditions in late February and March. Fishing is excellent in December and January, but finding a day of perfect conditions can be a waiting game. We recommend booking early for the best dates and remaining flexible throughout the season to catch those few magical days.

RIVERS TO CHOOSE FROM: Siletz, Nestucca, N. Fork Nehamlem, Sandy, Hidden Stream Alpha, Hidden Stream Beta
SPECIES: Winter steelhead

Spring in Oregon is a period of transition for fish and river systems. Winter steelhead are available from the beginning to middle of April in a few streams while the first Summer steelhead appear in the middle of April in other rivers. However, very few steelhead runs peak during the Spring. The Spring chinook is the one Spring run that truly peaks during the Spring, fishing best in Late April, May and early June on the Sandy. However, Spring run-off can affect fishing and run timing. Trout streams like the McKenzie begin fishing well in April and May, although depending on snow pack the Cascade streams can become high and stay high during a month or two of the Spring. Memorial Day marks the beginning of trout season on the coast and fishable numbers of Summer steelhead are usually available by that point. Cascade trout fishing is the most consistent Spring fly fishery.

RIVERS TO CHOOSE FROM: Siletz, Nestucca, Hidden Stream Beta, Sandy, McKenzie
SPECIES: Winter steelhead, Summer steelhead, Spring chinook, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout

    Summer (July 1 - August 31)     Fall (September 1- November 30)

Summer is the time to leave your waders at home, wade wet and cast dry flies to hungry trout. Rivers like the McKenzie fish well for trout out of the drift boat all Summer long. Enjoy a relaxing day on the water, fishing hopper/dropper style and catching rainbows and cutts. Also available throughout the Summer are coastal Summer steelhead in the Nestucca and Siletz and Cascade Summer steelhead in the Sandy and Clackamas. Coastal flows can get low in July and August making fish spooky, but strong cascade snow packs keeps the valley streams a bit cooler and with more flow. Sea-run cutts make their first appearance in mid-late August on the coast and signify the beginning of an abundant Fall season.

RIVERS TO CHOOSE FROM: McKenzie, Siletz, Nestucca, Hidden Stream Beta, Clackamas
SPECIES: Summer steelhead, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout

Fall, the traditional time of harvest, feasting and abundant life. It is no different on the Oregon Coast with 5 species of fish available on the Oregon coast alone! The traditional season kick-off is the first cool, rainy day of the Fall. Generally coming in early September, this bit of rain raises the river levels a few inches, cools them off a few degrees and triggers a change in fish behavior. Summer steelhead move quickly through the system pooling up in the upper reaches of rivers, while sea-run cutts make their way into upper tidewater and Salmon nudge their noses into bays and estuaries. At a point late October, all species are availble in the same general stretch of river. We call this couple weeks, grand-slam time. Many anglers take on the challenge of landing a Chinook, Summer Steelhead, Sea-Run Cutt and coastal cutt in the same day, a grand slam! Throw in a the occasional coho and you've got yourself a super-grand slam. Five species in one day! As the Summer steelhead move on to spawn and Sea-run season closes October 31 we spend November chasing the mighty kings on the Coastal streams.

RIVERS TO CHOOSE FROM: Sandy, Siletz, Nestucca, Hidden Stream Alpha, Hidden Stream Beta, N. Fork Nehalem, McKenzie
SPECIES: Summer Steelhead, Fall Chinook, Coho Salmon, Sea-Run Cutthroats, Rainbow Trout