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Article: A Serious Locavore
Published by Sweet Waters Adventure
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February, 2011. Northern Oregon Coast, Fly Fishing Winter Steelhead
  • First steelhead on a fly!


    It's tough to improve on a fish like this for your first one on a fly. A good reason to smile!

    first steelhead on fly
  • 34" Native Hen


    This steelhead was the biggest hen we saw all year, a robust 34" x 16"

    big oregon steelhead
  • February on the Oregon Coast


    Releasing a shiny native buck steelhead

    february steelhead release
  • Our 16' NRS Fly Fishing Cataraft


    This NRS boat in the newest in our fleet and anglers tell us it's darn comforatable to fish out of.

    16 foot NRS Cataraft
  • As fresh as they get


    We picked up this CHROME sea-lice native hen in the first hole above tidewater on a chilly February day. Thinking of fish this bright keeps us up at night.

    sea lice bright steelhead
  • Eric's first Steelhead


    February was a month of first steelhead, with 5 anglers landing their first steelhead ever. Always the highlight of a guide's day.

    oregon coast steelheading
  • Late Season Cold Snap


    Late February brought with it lots of snow, then some really cold dry weather. It made for some interesting early morning trips to the river.

    snowy drive to river
  • First Steelhead on a Fly


    Throughout most of February the river was full of these 10-15lb native bucks and anglers were treated to some fantastic steelheading.

    big february steelhead
  • Paul's first steelhead on a fly


    Paul picked up his first steelhead, a chrome hatchery hen late in the afternoon. Congrats Paul!

    february hatchery steelhead
  • Late Arriving Hatchery Fish


    Eric shows off a nice late February Hatchery fish. We saw a few fresh hatchery fish late in February, but by the first of March they were pretty much gone.

    snowy hatchery steelhead

To arrange a guide trip for Winter Steelhead or any of the other species we fish, give us a call at 503-515-3533 or email us!