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Article: A Serious Locavore
Published by Sweet Waters Adventure
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North Oregon Coast Winter Steelhead. January, 2012
After waiting through a previous month of very low water levels, the new year brought with it plenty of fresh water and fresher steelhead. Coastal rivers like the Nestucca, Wilson, Trask, Kilchis and Nehalem all received quality pushes of hatchery and wild oregon winter steelhead.
  • Oink, Oink. Pigee on board.


    Eric landed this stellar double stripe buck in Mid-January. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 17-18 lbs.

    big oregon coast steelhead
  • Dime bright early native hen steelhead


    Chromer fly caught native Oregon steelhead

    North Oregon Coast wild hen steelhead
  • Sun Lit Steelie


    The Sun was just peaking over the canyon wall as we boated this nice hatchery fish

    sun lit oregon winter steelhead
  • Rain=Fish


    Rain and Oregon Winter steelhead go together like peanut butter and pickles. Odd, but it works.

    rainy day hatchery steelhead
  • Mike's tidewater gem.


    We are always on the search for steelhead so bright they still smell like the ocean. This one did.

    sea-lice bright steelhead
  • Vegetation... dead. River... very much alive.


    Mike T. boated this nice hatchery buck during the afternoon in the lower river

    mike t. with nice male steelhead
  • Early Morning Chrome.


    Fish in the boat before breakfast. Amen.

    early morning oregon coast steelhead
  • Little January Chromer


    Neat little fly caught hatchery fish about 6 lbs. Tasty!

    small hatchery winter steelhead

Stay tuned for February and March, 2012 steelhead galleries!
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